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Many people on the Internet use their browser to download files such as drivers, videos, Music, Programs and more kind of files. While Sometime download become interrupted due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Most of the people want fastest and safe download. Browser’s downloading is not safe and fastest for massive files.

There are many tools to download files form internet with safe and fastest download speeds possible. One of them is Internet Download Manager. it is also called IDM. It is owned by an American company Tonec, Inc.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a Commercial software distributed free to user for 30 day as a trial version, because it is a shareware Download Manager. idm download is f Which is available for Windows operating system.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a powerful tool used to schedule, organize, resume and increase the speed of downloading up to 5 times than a normal browser downloading and reduce downloading time. It has capabilities to download multiple file at same time. Let us discuses some main features of IDM.

Internet Download Manager || idm download ||free downloadmanager


Browser Integration:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) integrate into all popular browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla  Firefox, Opera,etc.and handle all downloads has very advance integration to catch download from browser or application. Detect downloadable file automatically and create a download button for downloading process is unique feature in IDM while no other download managers have such a grate feature. Internet Download Manager (IDM) supported on Windows and working with most major browsers by its flawless integration. Copy any file URL from browser and click Add URL then paste the link Internet Download Manager (IDM) will fetch automatically if it is supported. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is best tool to download video from website like YouTube, Facebook and other similar streaming websites. 

Internet Download Manager || idm download ||free downloadmanager


Download Resume and Pause:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is very powerful tool. It has paused and resume capabilities. This feature help to resume or pause unfinished download where it left off. While in browser downloading it starts from beginning. Resume feature help to restore broken or interrupted download due to lost connections, or other unexpected issues.

Downloading Speed:

Most of the people want fastest downloading speeds. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a best tool used to increase the speed of downloading up to 5 time than a normal browser downloading with very less has the capability of high-speed background downloading. It has no need of any plug-in or complex setting to increase downloading speeds. It creates multiple connections for high-speed downloading, which is the incredible feature of Internet Download Manager. The files download by at accelerated speeds. For some websites with dynamic file segmentation and high-speed downloading, Internet Download Manager is the best choice.

Internet Download Manager || idm download ||free downloadmanager


Built-in Scheduler:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is useful tool to schedule downloads. The schedule capabilities help to start downloading process on at certain time intervals, connect to the Internet, download files, when it is complete the task disconnect, or shut down the computer. Schedule downloading is helpful when Internet works faster especially at night.

Internet Download Manager || idm download ||free downloadmanager


Download file Categories:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) offers many useful features. One of them is file categories. Internet Download Manager (IDM) can download many types of file and organize them. It assigns downloads file to a different category. Which can be access from the main interface. It has some presets such as general, documents, video, music with customization options. It has capability to set output directory, manage files of all sizes and other parameters. And can search files easily from downloads list.

Anti-virus and Malware Protection:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) has built-in antivirus. Which make downloads free form malware Trojans and any type of can find any malicious content or malware in downloaded files and remove the virus.

Support Proxy and Protocols:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) wonderful tool that support proxy servers FTP, HTTPS, MMS protocols, redirected cookies and authorization. It supports NTLM and Keberos so it can access proxy servers by Username and password.

Internet Download Manager || idm download ||free downloadmanager


Site Grabber:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) powerful program has site grabber tool. It allows downloading whole website, all images, video for offline using. It allows to download any type of data from website. Site Grabber also help to download video form Google video, YouTube and other similar streaming platform.

Installation and User Interface:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) has simple and easy installation wizard. It makes all necessary setting in a few clicks on the installation wizard. It installed as normal. (download links is below)

Internet Download Manager (IDM) has simple and user-friendly interface. It has multiple control button, layout and skins in main interface. It allows to customizable and preference setting with multiple features. Which means what order, buttons and columns appear on the main interface. All downloaded files can be access from main interface.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) supports drag and drop features or use it from command line. It allows drag and drop files to IN and Out full file from it.


Main Features of Internet Download Manager (IDM):

* contextual help and Tutorial Section
* Intelligent dynamic file segmentation
* Progressive download
* Auto/manual updating of download address
* Multilingual support
* Zip Preview
* manage files of all sizes
* instantly detect downloadable files
* Unique advance integration
* sounds on specific events
* queue processor
* Info rich download dashboard
* pipelining of ftp commands
* Quick Update Feature
* Multiple Advanced Features
* Compatible with Windows 10

  System requirements:

Internet Download Manager (IDM) work on Windows only it needs fallowing system requirements.

Operating system:- Windows XP, NT, 2000, Vista, 7,8,8.1, & 10 (with 32bit and 64bit)
Memory (RAM):- 512 MB of RAM
Hard Disk space:- 25 MB of free space 
Processor:-   Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core GHz or higher


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