CCleaner Latest Version Free Download For Windows, Mac [2024]

CCleaner Free Download Latest Version

In the steadily developing scene of PC support and streamlining, CCleaner remains as a robust and reliable arrangement. With its most recent variant in 2023, this product keeps on being an encouraging sign for clients trying to clean up their frameworks, improve execution, and guarantee the life span of their computers. In this far reaching article, we will leave on an edifying excursion through the universe of CCleaner, covering not exclusively its improvement history and most recent updates yet additionally its key elements, a top to bottom aide on the best way to utilize it really, and an end that highlights its vital job in present day PC care.
The virtuoso behind CCleaner is Piriform, a respectable organization known for its steady obligation to making first class programming arrangements pointed toward further developing PC execution and improving the client experience. Piriform's devotion to greatness deserves it a place of trust among a huge number of clients around the world. 
The origin of CCleaner traces all the way back to 2003, when the advanced scene was going through critical change. In those early days, CCleaner made a resonating presentation and immediately turned into a staple in the toolbox of PC lovers and educated people the same. From that point forward, the product has developed essentially to stay up with mechanical progressions and the consistently changing requirements of clients.

CCleaner's surprising excursion has been set apart by a predictable drive for development and flexibility. As innovation has advanced and registering conditions have developed more complicated, CCleaner has gone through numerous revamps and refreshes. These endeavors have been instrumental in guaranteeing that the product stays important as well as exceptionally powerful in streamlining and keeping up with laptops.

CCleaner is a freeware device optimization tool for PCs, privateness and cleaning device. It eliminates unused documents from your device permitting home windows to run quicker and liberating up precious difficult disk space. It additionally cleans traces of your online activities which includes your internet history. moreover it contains a completely featured registry cleaner.

CCleaner Free Download Latest Version
All in all, CCleaner has been downloaded more than billion times and information more than 5 million computer installs each seven days.In 2017, international cybersecurity leader Avast acquired Piriform. It become a watershed year for negative motives. It turned into the time when the primary notorious cyber attack on CCleaner made headlines.To make it worse, CCleaner got hacked once more in 2019.

CCleaner Main Features & Performance:

CCleaner is a free download popular computer optimization and cleaning utility software. It has many useful features to provide, but most of them are off-restriction to unfastened customers and best available in case you are on the CCleaner Professional plan, and understandably, numerous even extra premium features are exceptional to CCleaner Professional Plus plan customers. However, here are the main features of CCleaner.

Health Check:

Health Check is one of the excellent functions of CCleaner that gives users a entire report on the whole thing that needs to be cleaned, updated, or removed from your device. With this report, you can be notified and aware about security gaps and space-hogging files. The computer health take a look at feature makes use of the default settings of your device to focus on what needs to be cleaned. you can additionally customise the settings according to your requirement and choose among privacy, space, security, or speed.

This feature has been advanced to replace previous “easy clean” feature which was carried out for non-technical customers to test and clean unnecessary documents quickly and without difficulty with none technical information.luckily CCleaner permits customers to enable or disable new “Health Check” option the use of Registry Editor. interested customers can switch on/off “Health Check” option in CCleaner.

CCleaner's new health check analyzes your computer and recommends quick fixes, then automatically tunes and updates it so it starts off-evolved and runs faster, and is extra comfortable. PC Health Check with an “even friendlier face” and to provide “extra tools to enhance your computer speed and protection” in the coming weeks. The interface is presently set as a default display screen in CCleaner window, the users can capable of make custom clean as a default alternative in general Settings of CCleaner.

The health check which lies above custom clean, when launched on the first run, suggests a sequence of screens about how the tool can assist protect your privacy and improve protection and overall performance when the person makes use of its tools to

• disable unwanted apps at startup
• update apps
• remove trackers of web sites and advertisers
• clean junk

After scanning for computer fitness, the tool if detects any problems, offers a screen with the message “your computer feels under the weather” and lets your dispose of tracking cookies and junk. For the detected apps that want to disable, and for the apps, that want to be up to date, you need to replace to the CCleaner pro model.

CCleaner Free Download Latest Version

Garbage Document Cleanup:

CCleaner's lead include succeeds at eliminating the computerized trash that gathers after some time, like transitory records, store, and program history. This opens up important plate space as well as can prompt a recognizable improvement in framework execution. 


Vault More Clean:

The product incorporates a strong library cleaner equipped for distinguishing and correcting issues inside the Windows Library. This can add to further developed framework security and dependability.

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Programming Uninstaller:

Notwithstanding its cleaning capacities, CCleaner gives a helpful approach to uninstall programs from your PC. It likewise helps with eliminating lingering records and vault sections related with uninstalled programming, serving to clean up your framework further. 


Program Cleaning:

Clients can streamline their web perusing experience by utilizing CCleaner to clear treats, perusing history, and other program related information. This can prompt better protection and quicker stacking times. and speed up your pc


Constant Observing (CCleaner Proficient):

For cutting edge clients, CCleaner Proficient offers continuous checking, giving experiences into your framework's wellbeing and execution. This component considers proactive upkeep and advancement.

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Custom Clean:

The primary feature of CCleaner is to clean all of the useless and temporary documents from your pc. It analyzes all of your temporary directories, your cookies, your recycle bin, and so forth. and reveals all of the documents you not need.custom clean is a feature inside CCleaner that permits you to customise how the app cleans specific components of your computer, which includes your operating system and programs. This module is designed to clean the temporary documents, caches, cookies, and many others. from your gadget, internet browsers, and different programs which might be hooked up in your computer. in this module, you're allowed to choose which type of documents you need to eliminate.

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Faster Computer:

Has your PC become slow? Yes, because with utilisation and the passage of time, your computer may get slower, i.e., take longer than typical to startup, apps take longer to launch, and positive actions take extra time than normal. From an outdated model of Windows to computer graphics and plugins and so forth, there can be any number of reasons for a sluggish computer. As it gets older, it collects unused files settings and documents, which take up hard drive space, making it slower and slower.

However, a slow PC is one of the major signs and symptoms that suggest a need to clean up, particularly when it takes aeons to perform easy tasks. CCleaner cleans up those documents and makes them quicker immediately.


Registry Cleaner:

Registry cleaners first gained popularity over ten years ago, when computer performance was nowhere near what it is today. Registry cleaning is essentially a utility that analyses your Windows registry for registry keys that are no longer needed or maybe lingering remains of malware that has been eradicated. It then gives you the option of getting rid of this unnecessary amount in your system.

Third-party research shows that most organisations replace their Windows PCs every two to three years. On the other side, a damaged registry can, over the course of two years, make a computer start up slowly or not at all. In certain rare circumstances, it may potentially cause irreparable damage. These problems are fixed, and your machine's lifespan is increased by up to a year when you regularly use the CCleaner registry cleanup. That indicates a 33% decrease in your computer hardware costs!

Over time, your registry can become clogged with mistakes and broken settings, resulting in crashes. Windows registry can become cluttered by some reasons. Problems like these can also be brought on by outdated software drivers. To make your PC more reliable, the unique registry cleaner in CCleaner removes this junk. Driver Updater enables you to stay on top of any rogue, out-of-date drivers.

Your computer's registry problems can be found and fixed with the help of this module. For example, this registry cleaner can locate and repair any missing shared DLLs. It can also detect and remove unused registration entries for unneeded file extensions from your computer. Additionally, it can be used to wipe the entire disc or even a drive's MFT-free space.

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Performance Optimizer:

The Performance Optimizer function of CCleaner claims to boost PC performance and speed it up while also giving the user more power through more control. Who doesn't appreciate getting more use out of something they purchase while also having greater control over it? The Performance Optimizer wizard explains how it accomplishes this. The explanation is a little wacky, but it basically shuts down and reenables services on an as-needed basis.That is a really antiquated method of managing operating system resources. That is a native function of Windows 10 and Windows 11.On the other hand, OneDrive replication is necessary in order to access cloud files.

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Most of CCleaner's advanced features are grouped under Tools. This contains an updater, starting process monitor, uninstaller manager, system restoration, hard drive wiper, duplicate finder, and other different features. This option collects several extremely helpful Windows functions and offers a great deal of information about the collected functionality in place of searching and pecking for the various features in numerous Windows menus. Having all of these tools in one place is incredibly convenient. Although they are all scattered across Windows, this compiles them into one location.

Uninstall unwanted apps:

Even in a short period of time, devices can get overloaded with apps and installed programs that were once helpful but are no longer used, or that were even per-loaded onto your computer when you purchased it. CCleaner analyzes the impact of individual programs on your PC and can uninstall them for you. It can even delete the default Windows 10 apps that you manually can't remove. This feature is not just for removing applications. You might be able to fix bugs, rename, and uninstall certain apps using this uninstaller.

 Software updater:

We know well outdated apps are a security risk for pc. Software updater feature can help to check the software version and update the software when necessary. A software updater searches for outdated apps on your system. You can enhance them after bringing them to life. Regular upgrades should enhance your computer's speed and assist in the resolution of security problems.


You may have observed that when you boot up your computer, certain apps operate silently in the background. CCleaner can help you speed up and improve your PC by removing unneeded background applications. The start-up tool allows you to limit the software that executes when your computer boots up, thereby reducing boot time. It also allows you to disable or enable the starting programs on your computer.

Browser Plugins:

CCleaner does an outstanding job of removing cookies, browser search history, and other data that may be interfering with speed. as a result of which you may browse the web completely anonymously. Browser plugins allow the user to deactivate, enable, or delete plugins that execute when the web browser is opened.

Disk Analyzer:

The Disk Analyzer is more likely to be available and reachable.This scanner identifies which documents are taking up space on your hard disks. As a result, it might offer you an indication of what is probably affecting your computer's performance. 

 Duplicate Finder:

Another important feature of CCleaner is the Duplicate File Find tool. It can look for duplicate files and folders on your hard drive. If you're running out of space on your hard drive, finding and eliminating duplicate files might help. CCleaner for PC and Mac has a duplicate finder that allows you to match files by name, size, modification date, and content. It can also advise you which files to disregard. Duplicate Finder can discover and remove duplicate documents to free up additional storage space. 

System Restore:

This utility allows you to eliminate all scheduled checkpoints and save the latest one for system security. System Restore in Windows creates frequent snapshots of system activities and critical data. To protect your privacy and free up hard disk space, CCleaner eliminates them. You can effectively prevent someone from being able to recover your operating system and its contents (apps and files) from that period. Your hard drive's storage capacity may also be used by System Restore. This utility lets you manage your System Restore Points.

 Drive Wiper:

Drive Wiper safely erases previously deleted data on your system, making it unrecoverable. This is a wonderful function for files on your computer that may include important or secret information, such as bank data or passwords, as it ensures that no one will ever be able to access or piece these files back together.

This feature of CCleaner for Windows 10 allows you to manually remove deleted data from empty space on your storage. They become unrecoverable in this manner. The disk wiper may also erase data at various levels to suit security requirements without compromising your regular files. The whole data on a partition can also be deleted. However, because of Microsoft's data storage policies, this utility cannot erase all files.

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 Driver Updater:

Driver Updater can discover and update over five million different drivers for about 350,000 different hardware devices, reducing problems and errors and improving overall performance on your PC. It instantly analyzes your computer for outdated drivers and reports the findings to you. Additionally, Driver Updater groups all of your drivers into a single tool, making it easier to identify and update drivers. No one wants to spend time searching through their PC or strange websites to find and update drivers one by one. To update all of your PC's drivers, just start CCleaner Pro and use the Driver Updater utility. You don't have to worry about the drudgery since it handles it. Even better, you can restore a driver who has been updated to a previous state.

However, this does not imply that CCleaner is no longer useful. CCleaner has an independent repository and search, and driver integration isn't perfect. Even a virtualized CD-ROM driver that is purportedly updated on a Windows 11 computer is identified.

This is an interesting feature that might be useful for straggler drivers that Windows Update does not detect. However, Windows 10 and 11 are quite adept at detecting even obscure drivers. Driver Update performs just what it says, ensuring that everything is up to date and therefore functioning as efficiently as possible.

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System requirements for CCleaner:

CCleaner needs  Minimum fallowing system requirements.

*At least 1 GB of RAM (Memory)

*At least Intel Pentium 4/ AMD 1 GHz or higher processor

*At least 1024x600 screen resolution or higher 

*Minimum 500 MB free hard disk space

* Windows Xp, 7, 8,10, Windows Vista and Windows 11(32-bit and 64-bit) 

* MacOS X10.15 (catalina) or later

* Android 6.0 or later



In this present reality where computerized mess and execution issues can upset efficiency, CCleaner's most recent adaptation in 2023 keeps on being a definitive partner for PC clients. Created by Piriform, this product has reliably shown what itself can do as a dependable and successful instrument for keeping a sound, effective, and mess free PC.

By following the gave guide, clients can tackle the maximum capacity of CCleaner to further develop framework execution, upgrade protection, and guarantee that their PCs run as expected. In a period where our computerized lives are complicatedly woven into our day to day schedules, CCleaner stays a crucial resource for protecting and upgrading your PC. Put resources into the prosperity of your PC today and experience the groundbreaking effect of CCleaner on your own and proficient processing experience.



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